Week 23! January 26, 2015

Tuesday was a sad day, made me want to cry. After the normal pday things and playing San Guo Sha we taught our last lesson to the C Parents. They’re almost 80 and they are traveling back to China. They have so much faith and I love them so much. We asked C (the grandpa) if he thought people were perfect. He immediately replied that yes people are, you two are and he was being serious, I love them so much. They are going back to China and they were going to travel alone. We asked them who was going to help them get back and they replied, Heavenly Father will help us. Luckily the old branch president is taking them back because he needs to go to China anyways. I’m going to miss those two but I might see them in a year if I’m lucky. After saying goodbye to the C parents we visited a less active guy. He just has a lot of doctrinal problems and he’s hard to teach.

Wednesday went by really fast because we had district meeting with the party district. So our district is the district who can go anywhere because we are YSA and Chinese. We are also very small with only 3 companionships. Our meeting was really fun. After the meeting we went to Baytown which is about an hour drive to go visit a member for dinner and teach an investigator who will be baptized next month. They were really great and even invited some friends over and we talked with them. They were hispanic and didn’t speak Chinese but whatever, it was great. Our members are great and so committed.

Thursday was weekly planning which was very tiring. I almost fell asleep. I got to go with Elder Zhang to go to china town for half the day, that was fun. We tried some potentials and then went to Bellarive, a place for old people and taught English. It was way fun, we had a blast. The old chinese people are so funny and their English is terrible. I had a really good time though.

Friday was an eye opener. I experienced almost seeing a hoarders house. T needs some help and I really want to help her because I feel bad for Michelle. When we got back to our apartment I thought we were so clean, it was awesome. We reviewed The Plan of Salvation with B and I and they remembered most of it. We also taught M about prophets and she still doesn’t understand that much. We need to figure out why she doesn’t learn just like T.

Saturday we had our correlation meeting and then we saw part of the pinewood derby which brings back great memories. We taught P at the library which was interesting. We talked in his car because you can’t talk in the library. Elder Zhang really likes Pokemon so we discussed that while we were on an exchange for the day. We took J to Wendy’s and then went to visit S. She sometimes comes to church but she is falling away. She doesn’t pray or read. She has a new boyfriend. She drinks coffee and she doesn’t remember what the word restoration is or who Joseph Smith is. She also doesn’t know who God is. We had a hard time trying to review things and it will take some time to teach her all the lessons again.

Sunday was awesome. Y got the priesthood and he got his temple recommend. We visited with Y and he is just awesome. Now he just needs to learn English. A cancelled on us and didn’t come to church which was sad but we went to a member’s house who are trying to fellowship them and were going to come with us. They are really nice people. They are Americans and don’t speak Chinese but that’s okay. They gave us 2 referrals and I actually think we can use these referrals. They seem great.

Today, not much has happened so far. I lost my usb and I found it sitting in the parking lot so that was a small miracle. We’re going to try to visit S today and see if we can help him. He is interested in being baptized.

I’m running out of time but it’s great out here in Houston. I’m still wearing a coat which I didn’t know I’d have to do. New things are happening everyday and even bad situations can turn into good ones. I was reading in Alma 24 this morning and I love the story of the Anti-Nephi-Lehites. The Lord truly does worketh in many different ways for the salvation of his people (Verse 27). During every situation you can spread the gospel. Everyday, set a goal that you will find someone to help and talk to them about the gospel. It truly brings happiness and I know it is the most important thing in life.
I love all of you, have a good time in wherever you are and in whatever situation you are in.

Sincerely, Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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