Week 21! January 12, 2015

你 好
This week has been a great week out here in Houston, every week is good when you are a missionary and you serve the Lord. I get to see people lives change and their attitudes become better. I teach people who have nothing but they are so thankful that they have the Gospel and they love it so much. “Embarking in the service of god” is a great thing (2015 Mutual theme) (D&C 4:2). I’ve realized that the most important thing in life is the gospel. We should sacrifice everything we have for it or at least be willing to. I’ve seen many people do this and I see their spirituality grow.

Here’s my week really fast.

Monday we went on an adventure. There is a dollar store across the street from our apartment complex so we decided that we should go there because Elder Ni has never been there and he’s been here for almost two years now. It was probably the most sketch place I’ve ever been. It was just really creepy and I had a weird feeling in there. I was surprised how many things were actually $1. I did buy 1,000 sticky notes for a dollar, that was a good deal. In the evening we taught English to S and L but we didn’t have time to teach them the gospel, we had a member call that really needed a blessing so we ran over there fast. That took up our whole night but the blessing was a spiritual experience.

Tuesday we had S come to English class and he is really interesting and I basically learned his life story in an hour. He likes to talk and he loves learning English. For an almost 80 year old, his English is pretty darn good. We had district meeting which was good. We ate expired Cheesecake and did some role plays, it was weird not having Elder Albiston or Elder Johnson there, it’s okay, I like new things. We taught T and she kind of progressed, not really sure if she still remembers who Jesus and God are but we’re still working that every time we go to her house so she’ll have to learn eventually, I’m determined. No one showed up to English Class but that was okay, we went and visited M instead and she actually was home so we could teach her about the Plan of Salvation. She is so random when she talks so I’m not sure if she understood what we were trying to teach her but she might remember. Right before bed we played some fun San Guo Sha and it was a fun way to end the night.

Wednesday we visited a members father, T. He let us in and we talked with him for an hour but he wouldn’t look at us the whole time and when we asked him if we could meet with him again he said, No don’t come back. We watched the Restoration with T and I think she understood somewhat. We went out to dinner with T, M, and J, (T’s Brother). We went to Golden Corral and it was super good but we just kept eating and for some reason T insisted on grabbing us more food and I just wanted to throw up but it was still good food. That Golden Corral was a lot bigger than the one I’ve been to in Utah. Everything really is bigger in Texas. We taught B and I/ we tried to. I had a lot of College things we had to help her with so we spent a long time helping her understand what things were talking about.

Thursday was a very fast day. Weekly Planning in the Afternoon. We finally had an appointment with a lady who always calls us and wants us to go mow her lawn. She has no interest in the Gospel and she’s super rich so we’re told not to waste our time and serve her. I wouldn’t have a problem doing it every once in a while but she has known Elder Ni for a while so I understand. So she somehow wasn’t home and said she went to the hospital. She has used that same excuse many times. M also didn’t show up. We had an appointment and she wasn’t home. She never actually goes anywhere so she was avoiding us again. The best part of Thursday was that we started up Thursday Night Sports Night and that was lots of fun. We had a few other new young single adults come and they were actually good at basketball. I had a lot of fun and we finally got some new potentials.

Friday I was on Exchanges with Elder Jensen and I had to take over the area which always freaks me out. I was really stressed but it went very well. At English class I taught W and W about why we serve missions and it was awesome. We taught S, his English name is A and he has no religion and he believes in nothing. He basically dropped us, he’s nice. I saw M outside her door and when we knocked on her door she wouldn’t answer. T did great today and we figured out that she wants us to help her clean the inside of her house. For some reason there was a lot of traffic on one road and it took almost an hour to drive a few hundred yards, it was super weird. There were lots of police cars and they had a major street blocked off and it was creating a lot of problems. I also got lost today because I thought I took a shortcut but I had no idea where I was at so I had to drive home and then go where I wanted to go. We played UNO with Y and that was fun, we tried to teach Y but he doesn’t understand my Chinese and I don’t understand his weird accent. I had a super great time at B’s. We talked for an hour about goal setting and the gospel of Jesus Christ.
By the end of the day my Chinese was already better because I had to do everything and always talk, it was crazy.

Saturday we started practicing our lion dance for Chinese New Year, it was pretty fun. We went to Burger King which was my first time out here in Houston. We figured out today that T doesn’t have any heat in her house and that’s a bad thing. She is really poor we’re figuring out. We taught Y English which was fun.

Sunday our meeting was crazy. All the boundaries got changed and none of the Chinese Members really knew what was going on haha. We helped Y do his homework and it is so easy haha. We taught A about the plan of Salvation and he accepted a baptismal date for Jan 31st, miracle of the week. After church we had our first branch council since I’ve been here, that’s another miracle :0.

Today we cleaned the apartment and now we’re emailing. Haven’t done anything too exciting but today we do have a dinner appointment which never happens. We’ll see how that goes

Overall the week was a great one! Nothing to complain about out here in Houston. Heavenly Father takes care of those who take care of his children. I love serving the people of Houston and time flies by way too fast. Already 1/6th of the way done, Crazy!

Thanks for listening, I’ll write next week, that’s a promise.

Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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