Week 20! January 5, 2015

Monday we had a fun time at the mission office and we finally finished Elder Ni’s visa and school things. We played some fun San Guo Sha, it was Elder Albiston’s last few games before he went English. We visited S and L and we are still trying to figure out how to motivate them to get married. Y was sick and no one else answered the door. We went to Wendy’s which I haven’t been to in a long time, it’s only a few minutes from our apartment.

Tuesday we finally got a new investigator named A who is one of R’s best friend. Him and R came to English Class because they are on Christmas break. T gave us some noodles when we visited them. She really wanted to make us some food for my birthday which was super nice. T is really nice. For Dinner we went to Lupos Tacos and it was pretty good. A little expensive but a member gave us gift cards so we went for my birthday dinner and Elder Albiston’s leaving dinner. It was the first Mexican food I’ve had so far on the mission. We played Uno with Y and then taught him English. Still no one came to English class in the evening so we spent our time updating our phone and deleting contacts and calling people.

Wednesday morning we said our goodbyes to Elder Albiston. He took some pictures and it was a little sad. Y wasn’t home because he was somewhere in China town but it was okay, we went to visit T and we finally met her dog YoYo. T really loves her pets haha. We met with M with H and it was really great, M said she would go to church and the only problem is that H works on Sundays so doesn’t go to church and she want’s M to be baptized during the middle of the week. We went in an hour early because it might be unsafe outside and we played Sang Guo Sha with the new Elder Jensen. Elder Ni tried to pretend he didn’t know he didn’t know English, it was pretty funny during Lunch, just messing with the greenie Elder Jensen.

Thursday was filled with Weekly Planning which took up all our time. We ate dinner at R’s house and taught him UNO, UNO is a great game haha. We visited Y and his dad P was super drunk and it got a little sketchy when we were teaching Y English, we’re not really sure what happened outside of his room but it was loud and I didn’t understand what was being yelled. It was Elder Peterson and I so We didn’t understand the Chinese, that was a probably a good thing.

Friday I got to be with Greenie Elder Morgan who is very new. We taught T and he didn’t talk much but it is hard to talk when you’re brand new. We tried visiting M with K but she wasn’t home, only the husband and he really isn’t interested. M’s phone is always messed up so we can’t get in contact with her. We taught Y some more English which was fun. We played UNO with B, I and his sister and mom, that was super fun. I got really competitive and I really wanted to win, card games…

Saturday we picked up two new investigators which never happens. The H’s parents. It was awesome, no sure if they want to learn about church but they will come to English class. We met with T and it was a miracle. She really is learning stuff and she is studying the flash cards I made for her, she’ll be baptized soon if she can keep it up and I can make her more flash cards.

Sunday I had a super great spiritual day. Sacrament meeting was great, I heard many great testimonies and I felt the spirit very strongly. We visited the C parents and gave them priesthood blessing because they are really old, I felt the spirit really strongly and even though I can’t say too many words, I gave them a very strong blessing and it was awesome. Chinese North had a baptism and they baptized D, it was a miracle baptism, the met her last week and she goes back to Chicago this week, crazy.

Sorry all out of time, see I’ll write next week.
Elder Wimmer


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