Week 19! December 29, 2014

Merry Christmas!

Monday we didn’t have the normal p-day. We normally have an hour or two do have some fun and play games but we volunteered to help move presents for the Christmas conference so that took about two hours. No fun and games today but it was worth it because someone needs to move the presents. S and L cancelled on us so we met with K who just needed someone to talk to, that’s most of our visits with him, we need to help him find some friends who will support him. I had my first What-A-Burger today, well a chicken sandwich from there and it was alright, maybe a little overpriced but I had to try it at least.

Tuesday was amazing. The Christmas Conference was a blast and super spiritual. I didn’t have to give my talk on Christs Loving Kindness and Mercy which I was a little nervous to give because I’m so young as a missionary and I don’t know that much compared to others. We had some awesome lunch. Lots of meat, potatoes, fruit, bread. It tasted way good and I enjoyed getting to know other missionaries there. The talent show was… interesting. Some missionaries do have good voices, some are good at piano, some like to share their interesting talents and then there are others who just wanted to screw off or mess around. There were a few things I didn’t understand but overall it was very good. I was going to sing Come Thou Fount but decided not to. We had a slideshow of pictures from the last year and some missionaries do some interesting stuff, haha, it was pretty funny. I didn’t know very many of the missionaries but it was good. We taught R his last lesson as an investigator and it was great. The presents that we picked up at the Christmas conference were mostly all opened right when we got home because, haha, we wanted to open them as soon as possible, impatient missionaries.

Wednesday, Christmas Eve was an Amazing Day, super busy but awesome. We had S’s baptism in the morning which was awesome. She wanted it to be a secret baptism so only about 4 ward members came. It was a great experience. We met with M and discovered all her life concerns, she’s willing to tell us things which is very nice because now we can help her. Dinner at H’s house was super packed, it was almost like a ward party because there were a lot of members who attended. The food was not very normal for Christmas Eve but I did have some great pigs foot and some type of noodles. Sister H made me sing Silent Night to everyone so I did and I could feel the spirit very strongly, it was awesome.

R’s baptism was very spiritual, even thinking about it makes me kinda tear up haha. Lots of people came to support R on Christmas Eve and it was awesome. R kept sticking his foot up out of the water so it took me a few tries but on the third try it worked. R was a little confused why I did it multiple times. I couldn’t tell him in Chinese why we had to do it again, Elder Ni took care of that.

Thursday was a very special Christmas. I never thought about myself at all and I tried my best to have my mind on Christ all Christmas. We made pancakes in the morning for our Christmas breakfast. Not opening presents was a little weird but since Christmas isn’t about the gifts, why did we need to open gifts. We met with M and M, now she has a baptismal date and she’s awesome. For dinner we ate at S’s apartment and it was alright Chinese food she ordered from somewhere. S is a very interesting person haha.
Skyping was the best, very spiritual and I was crying. I didn’t get to talk with Elder Ni’s family but he talked to mine a little. F complimented my dad tones and said that his Chinese was awesome. Dad, I wish I had as good of Chinese as you! The skype time went by fast but it was great and a great way to end the evening and end Christmas day.

Friday I was reading in Mosiah 15 and that chapter is crazy. I don’t recommend people to read it unless you want to have a discussion about doctrine. I still don’t understand and I was studying it and discussing it for 2 hours.

Today there was a miracle and it was T finally progressing. She stopped doing anything Buddhist and she’s getting close to baptism. I hope sometime soon she can be baptized. She already reads, prays and goes to church so we’ll see where this goes. We are now teaching Y English and his English isn’t good but it’s good enough that I can teach him pretty well. I teach him English, he pretty much teaches me Chinese. It’s a great deal we have going on. We also did our Weekly Planning because we didn’t have anytime on Thursday. Weekly Planning took up a lot of our afternoon but it really helped us find revelation on what we should teach our investigators and what they need.

Saturday we visited T and she gave me some more birthday gifts, she’s already given me so many. She’s almost understanding the gospel. She does have some signs of progression, just very small. We drove to Kaity and visited the C Family who are super nice. Their son I is 12 and we try to help him want to go to church because he is rebellious and doesn’t want to go. I haven’t ever seen him at church. We had dinner at Sister D’s house/R’s house and it was super good actually. This Chinese food is growing on me. Elder Schwemer was with Chinese North and it didn’t seem like he liked it at all, he hates chinese food haha. We met with B and he seems good, he just won’t progress at all and we need him to start doing something in his life. We visited Y and his family and people that live at his house were drinking, that was no fun, not a good environment for Y but we can’t do anything about it. A was there are she is a crazy 5 year old. She also already has a bad mouth and we tried to teach her not to swear. It was so funny because she doesn’t know what the words mean but she was swearing up a storm.

Sunday I had to give a talk in Sacrament meeting and I shared a hymn and things, it was great. We taught S and L and they are more complicated now, I don’t now all the details. M is doing great, she really wants us to teach her husband but he doesn’t want us to talk with him.

Monday now I’m emailing and I’m not being transferred, Elder Albiston is going English for his last transfer which is really weird and unexpected.

All out of time but remember to serve the lord and be happy. Always have a smile on your face and be a good example to the world

Love Elder Wimmer

Wei Zhang Lao


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