Week 18! December 22, 2014

First Baptism

First Baptism


Monday I bought some more cool socks at Marshalls and we went to Suit Mart but couldn’t find any killer deals on suits. We visited S and L and they now have a baptismal date on January 25th. Now we need them to get married before they get baptized. We spent a lot of time contacting some potentials without any real results but we tried at least.

Tuesday went by way fast. After teaching English in the morning we had our district meeting which was all about finding new investigators. We visited T and she is progressing very slowly. I had to talk with K for 2 hours because we were at English class and no one showed up in the evening so we didn’t have anything to do. I asked him how I could help him and he said, oh you can’t, I just want to talk with someone, great. We helped R do his homework which was some huge project he didn’t want to do. We taught Yang Yang about the priesthood and t went well.

Wednesday was a day of service. We went to an elementary school to do service and we handed our bikes to kids and got to know them, it was super fun. It did take like three hours which took a lot of our proselyting time though. We finally met with B and were going to get him with a baptism date but his girlfriend is coming back from Taiwan and will live with him again.

Thursday we went to a chinese buffet with some returned missionaries visiting us and then had weekly planning which always takes a while. I finally met Elder Bethers and Cai which everyone always talks about. They are pretty cool and interesting. We taught Y like normal and still can never figure out where his dad is. We really were trying to find him because he needs to be baptized and he has a testimony.

Friday we did service from 9:00 to 3:30. It was a long day and different service than we expected. We expected to build bikes in a big building but turns out we got to move boxes out of a trailer for many hours and I liked it. Our mission president asked us to do it so we went and served. I stepped in a big thing of mud which made me really mad because it ruined my shoes but it’s whatever. We ate dinner with a member at another buffet with Elder Bethers and Elder Cai which was fun. It basically had the same food as the other buffet. I did eat some really good octopus though, that was interesting. Rui Han wouldn’t decide who he wanted to baptize him so we wrote some names on paper and mixed them all up. He picked my name by random and I’m super excited to be able to baptize him. He doesn’t really care who does it.

Saturday we had two meal appointments which is weird for us. We went to one appointment which took an hour to get to and an hour to get back. That was a long drive. Our dinner appointment fed us American food which was great. American food is very good. We met a lady who is awesome and she seems really golden. I’m super excited to start teaching her. She’s super nice to us and she says that she has a special bond with me because I don’t understand Chinese and she doesn’t understand English and we both came to Houston at the same time. She thinks it’s really cool and she treats us like her sons haha.

Sunday was the big day. My first two baptisms. It was very crazy and stressful. Y came to church late and wouldn’t answer our phone calls so we were worried. We didn’t have any jump suits that would work for Michelle but we made it work. I was so stressed out and nervous. I messed up saying the baptism so I paused and started again, it worked out great. Y and M are awesome kids and I love the both of them. The service was a very spiritual experience and I could write many pages about it. Too bad I only have two minutes left. We met with B and I and they are doing good. We need to figure our what their plans are for marriage and other things. Now we are focusing on Y’s English because it is terrible. We need to find a way to help him

This week has been awesome. Full of spiritual experiences. Gotta go but Merry Christmas to everyone.

Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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