Week 17! December 15, 2014

Why there is a drum set in the Elder's apartment I do not know.

Why there is a drum set in the Elder’s apartment I do not know.

Monday we were at the mission office all day working out Elder Ni’s visa problems and his school problems. He also signed up for an English Test he needs to take called the TOEFL. I sat there for a while talking to the office missionaries. Our appointments cancelled on us so we visited Y and we visited R with J which was great. I also talked on the phone with K when we got home until past ten which was super tiring.

Tuesday we had District Meeting and I had a lot of fun at it. I’m not sure exactly why but I was just in a good mood. We taught T again and she still isn’t progressing very much. I went with the other Chinese elders to teach English. No one showed up but we taught a crazy lady that used to be an investigator and K came over and we talked to him about faith. K just fears new things in life and has no confidence. F is one of Chinese North’s investigators who had a date on the 21st, he can pass the baptismal interview but he just doesn’t have real intent yet. Elder Ni interviewed D, another of Chinese North’s investigators, and she passed but she doesn’t want to be baptized and dropped them.

Wednesday we did our weekly planning and because we had a training on Tuesday it took a lot longer following the new way to plan, that was fun. It was E’s 10th birthday today so we visited him and gave him some gifts, a Book of Mormon, a Bible, some Lego’s and some of my way cool Super Hero socks. After E we went and met K at the church and resolved some of his concerns. He’s taking some things a lot easier now and he’s slowly improving. We visited Y and R again, Y was great and is fine with us teaching him a lot of things now. With R we went over the baptismal interview and he passed, no worries for him after that.

Thursday we had a new student in English Class. He lives in China Town and he’s nice but he doesn’t seem too interested in the gospel. We went to the mission office to pick up the mail and Elder Ni’s passport. Our new investigator cancelled on us so we went to some investigators houses and invited them to our Christmas party. We ate at Chik-Fil-A for dinner and it brought back good memories, sometimes it feels like I’m still in Utah except there is no snow. I went with Chinese North again and we tried to visit F again but he didn’t show up to the lesson and now he randomly went to Florida for all of December. We visited with a less active I’ve seen at Church once and shared the Christmas Initiative with them. They said they’d come to the Christmas party which is awesome. After planning Elder Coates and I played SanGuoSha which was super fun, except lost every game.

Friday Elder Ni needed to take the TOEFL and I was waiting for him for about 4 hours which was fine with me. I studied my Chinese flash cards and some other books. After taking the test we went to do some service at this Christmas House thing. People walk through the house which is all decorated for Christmas and it’s a charity for something. It was really fun talking to a bunch of people, we were in charge of making sure people didn’t take pictures and things like that. After service we went to our branch Christmas party and it was so crazy. A member got lost picking up T and M, using Google Maps we eventually got her to her house and got M in to the program so she could perform her violin. I got many compliments on my singing in the program. We were super stressed but it ended up being fun. I wish I could’ve been Santa but oh well.

Saturday I went on Exchanges with Elder Johnson again and it was super fun. We did service for Braes Interfaith again and were moving furniture for them and stuff like that. We went back to the same Christmas house to do more service which again was fun. I got to go all over the house and they gave us almost 20 cases of lemonade for our zone which was a party. We have more than 100 cans at our apartment. I felt bad taking Elder Schwemers place at his Christmas Party but it was lots of fun. I actually understood everyone and we had really good brisket. I had my new favorite type of pie, peanut butter pie and I met the stake Patriarch who is super cool. We only taught one lesson today but it was still fun. We taught this investigator named A and he’s really cool but he’s an eternigator who just won’t keep commitments.

Sunday I understood a little that was going on in Church. I sang in sacrament meeting and that went well. I now basically sing every week because they like me haha. They want me to sing “The Prayer” with a lady in the ward so I need to learn Italian, great. We got to go to the stake Christmas concert and it was so amazing, the spirit was strong and we brought some investigators and some less actives. I really loved it, it makes me miss singing a lot. I did get to go sing the Hallelujah chorus which was fun. I love Christmas Music and serving people. The Christmas season is amazing. We went and visited D and sang Silent Night to her, I wish she could come to church but she just can’t walk very well. Sunday I was in a great mood all day and I loved it, I was just super happy. Today all we did was go shopping at Walmart and buy some food.

This Christmas Season is amazing and I don’t want it to end, if only everyone had the Christmas spirit everyday. Everyone can if you surround yourself with good music, service, and learning about Jesus Christ

I love all of you back in Utah.

Write you next week.

Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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