Week 16! December 8, 2014


Monday was a great P-day. I cut my own hair and it doesn’t look too bad haha. We taught English to S and L again and we cleaned our apartment because someone could inspect our apartment.

Tuesday was really crazy. First we took apart a bunk bed and took it to the other Chinese’s apartment. Then I realized right studying that I didn’t know where my wallet was so we spent hours trying to find it. We went to Walmart and asked around, we went to the Chase bank to see if anyone had used my card. We called up everyone that we had visited and we had no idea where it was. We visited T and we shared Alma 32 which is some great scriptures. For the first time ever, no one came to English class in the evening which was weird. We visited R and finally he accepted baptism. He wants to be baptized on Christmas Eve which we were totally fine with.

Wednesday we taught English in the morning like normal and in my mind I was trying to figure out where my wallet went and I had no idea where it was. We called the Mission Office and they canceled my card and called my parents. I said a sincere prayer in my heart for a really long time and just said, “Heavenly Father, I’ve done everything I can, this is stopping my ability to spread the Gospel so now I don’t care, I’ll forget about it and let you take care of it. I really just want to help those in need and find those who want to find the gospel.” Less than an hour later the other Chinese Elders called and said the wallet had been turned in to our apartment complex and some nice person had turned it in. The office worker said I was really lucky because there aren’t that many nice people who would’ve turned in the wallet. Nothing was taken from it either. That was a miracle and I am so happy Heavenly Father blesses me everyday. After all that we visited a less active and helped talk with him about his potential in life, his divine potential.

We went out to dinner with T and her older brother. We went to ZhongMeiCanTing, that translates to Chinese American Restaurant, it was good except there was some weird food but I ate it and the guy was surprised I liked it, which I didn’t ha. I went with Elder Fonseca an English Elder and we visited the Taylor family and watched a Bible Video with them which are awesome. If only they were in Chinese :/.

Thursday we didn’t have much time to do weekly planning but we tried our best. Everyday we are too busy. We taught T and it went alright I think. Somehow she remembers how to pray! We visited with our normal Y and R, when they get baptized I don’t know who we will teach haha. Those two are progressing pretty well.

Friday was zone conference and it was super fun. We talked about setting goals, how to teach repentance and how to truly consecrate ourselves and once we are truly consecrated how great life really is. I love to think about the commandments and how Heavenly Father gives them to us to make us happy. If we keep them we can become happier than we are when we don’t keep them. At zone conference they gave every missionary half a chicken, I couldn’t finish it. We thought Friday wasn’t going to be great because we had appointments but they canceled on us and no one was home but we decided to visit one less active and her family. We wanted to focus on her son and the mom was fine with us teaching him. He’s now our new investigator and he knows everything. Aaron is ten and he’ll progress really fast. He’s just too busy for us to meet with him except for the weekends.

Saturday we had a great correlation meeting and our studying in the morning was pretty productive. T gave us some fried rice she made us in the morning. We never had time to take it back to the apartment so we ended up throwing it away. We still weren’t sure if it was safe to eat ha. We drove to visit Y who lives about 40 minutes from where we normally are and he’s not in the Houston South Mission but us Chinese can go anywhere we want haha. We met the sister missionaries who normally teach Y in English, they are nice but Y doesn’t always understand what they are talking about. He set up a plan for him to be baptized and it was all complicated but it would work. We met with some members out where Y lives because we don’t go out there often and we talked with some less actives and they fed us which was great and unexpected. We spent 2 house with Y with his homework which is really really easy but he still can’t speak any English what so ever.

Sunday we found out that Y had some family problems and he didn’t make it to church which totally ruins him being baptized so after church we drove out there again which uses a ton of our miles and we talked with him. He was super depressed and wants to be baptized. We’ll try to work with him. We met with A and taught him again and he really is a great kid. We had a great testimony meeting besides the fact that our members are crazy and they start to preach to everyone and commit the congregation to do things and everyone is yelling, “yes” and it was just crazy, super funny though.

Today we went shopping at walmart and cleaned our apartment. The other Chinese elders have a challenge to read the B of M on one week in Chinese so they have no free time today, just reading. I have plenty of time to clean and mess around.

I’m all out of time today but I would just like to say that for anyone that is struggling in life, keep the commandments and even if you have nothing, you still have the gospel of Jesus Christ which is salvation. It’s worth more than $100,000,000,000. Don’t sell it for anything and don’t risk losing it. It is the best thing in the world and I know this is true.

Gotta go but I’ll write next week.

Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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