Week 15! December 1, 2014


Monday I bought some super cool superhero socks that were super cheap at Ross, still haven’t worn them yet. We had a ton of fun playing S and I won every game. We taught Y how to tie a tie and we taught B the law of chastity which went better than I expected. P days are always busy but we have an hour or two to rest and have fun.

Tuesday we had our Zone meeting which was cool. We talked a lot about the Church’s new Christmas Initiative He is the Gift and discussed how e could use it to our advantage. We taught S again and she still can’t remember who Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and Joseph Smith are but it’s okay, we just keep trying. We ate dinner at Sister D’s house and taught R. We ate some weird Chinese food which I wasn’t very fond of, I’m not sure what it really was but for the most part the food was good. Our English Class in the evening didn’t have that many people attend but it was okay,we still had people to teach.

Wednesday because all the schools are out R and his friend A came to English class so we had a chance to talk with them. A member took us to this Chinese Restaurant in China Town called Sarah Place that was pretty authentic and it was some of the best Chinese food I have ever have, it was a little expensive though. We went and did service at Brother L’s house again and cut down the trees, we got rid of one, now there is only part of one left! They fed us dinner and I love eating at the L’s house, it’s always simple food but it tastes great. We drove to Kaity which takes about 40 minutes just to get turned away because we had an appointment with an older lady and we’re not sure who it was but he wouldn’t let us in. He said he didn’t know who we were but he obviously did because he kept talking about Utah and stuff like that.

Thursday we met this homeless guy who just wandered into the church and it was super sad. We talked with him for about 2 hours and he told us his story. It was super interesting and sad and he didn’t have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving and he went to jail and got kicked out of his house and his family lived 3 minutes away from the church but his wife got a restraining order or something like that. It was just really sad and I wish we could help him. We gave him a bible and book of mormon and a plate of cookies and sent him n his way. We met with J at a mall and talked with him. He recently got baptized but works 7 days a week so he can’t come to church and he can’t quit his job because they need him for the Christmas season.

We went over to Sister B’s house for thanksgiving and I normally like ham more than turkey but she made the best turkey ever, it wasn’t dry at all and I just kept eating. After the meal the food dropped into my stomach like a brick and I was so stuffed. We visited a few of our investigators and tried to get their family members interested. We sang Because I Have Been Given Much, introduced He is the Gift, and then we went on our way, we had a few really quick lessons. Y cancelled on us which is really weird for him but it was for a legit reason so we were fine, we visited some members in the area instead.

Friday we somehow offended S because we told her not to ask members for clothes because she does it a ton and now she said now she hates elder Ni, actually she just said the Chinese boy because she still can’t remember our names. We played Jenga with Y which is always fun and then taught him the law of chastity and he was fine with following it. I was on the phone with one of our less actives for more than an hour because he is crazy and right now he just needs someone to talk to. He is going through some hard times and we help him calm down.

Saturday I had to take over the Chinese area which sucked because my Chinese isn’t that great yet, I went on exchanges with Elder Coates. I taught Brother H who has good English so that lesson went well. We introduced Christmas stuff and he wanted to discuss Jesus which was awesome. We played football and frisbee with R and then discussed church and being baptized, he is so ready and he just needs to pick a date and get his dad’s support, his dad lives in China I believe. S was really mad at us and said she started being a buddhist again and that she wasn’t going to come to church but since she actually likes me and I got her to come to church on Sunday. I tried to teach UNO to Y but it was hard and he was a little confused I think. I taught B and his English has improved a lot and I talked in Chinese, he practiced his English, it was awesome! That made me in a great mood.

Sunday B actually came to church which was awesome, I did a good job convincing him I guess. We had an English speaker in sacrament so I understood what was going on and I talked with S and she apologized for overreacting and she likes church again, her daughter really likes church as well. We met with K at the church and it took forever but we helped him out, then we helped him apply for college and it was confusing for him but he did it. We visited Y and Elder Ni explained UNO to him and finally now he understands how to play, we taught him the word of wisdom and somehow a 15 year old kid has a drinking problem, what the heck, that’s his only problem so far.

Today we plan on going to Ross and buying some clippers and I’m going to try to cut my own hair, haha wish me luck! I’m all out of time but I love all of you at home, spread the gospel and spread the true meaning of Christmas.

Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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