Week 14! November 24, 2014

Jenga and Missionary work!

Jenga and Missionary work!


Monday was good. We played some card games with Elder Freestone, he’ll probably never play sanguosha the rest of his mission so we had to play with him before he left. We taught English to S and L and I didn’t know that L actually has really good English so it was fun talking with her. We helped R do his homework and it was this history project about the Texas revolution, I have no idea about Texas history so it was pretty hard helping him and we really didn’t have that much time to help him. Sister Z started calling members because she got their phone numbers and she kind of was harassing them. She also said that she wanted to be baptized so she could find a husband so that’s a problem. Some members called us and were complaining so now we have dropped her date which is really sad. Hopefully she can still progress

Tuesday we had some conversations over the phone with our mission president and our branch president about Sister Z which I feel like everyone is taking too seriously. It was Elder Tang’s last full day with us so we finally went to Church’s Chicken which he really wanted to go to for some reason and it was super good. Everyone told me it was going to taste like rubber but I really liked it. We met with Sister Z and it was all emotional and she was crying for like twenty minutes but it seemed like she really wanted to change which is really good. The new missioniaries came in and I got to take a picture with them and eat dinner at one of the Office Missionaries houses and it was great. Two new elders came in and eight new sisters, our mission has a lot of sister missionaries, I just never see them. One of the new elders, Elder Haven I think was his name is from South Jordan and went to Bingham, I recognized him right when I saw him but he is two years older than me so it makes sense that he wouldn’t know me. We helped Rui Han do his homework at our English class and he finally finished it. We met with Y and he is progressing really well.

Wednesday was super fun because it was transfer day. In the morning I went with the new missionaries to hear some things about our apartments and cell phones and we signed some papers, that was okay. They fed us lunch which made it all worth it. 66% of the mission was at transfers because our mission is getting changed a lot. It was super fun having everyone there and feeling everyones excitement. Elder Tang went off to Pearland, something like that, and now Elder Clarks new companion is Elder Coates, also Elder Zhang came back from the English area and he’s back at Chinese for good. We went over to the L house to eat dinner and they didn’t feed us too much food, that’s the first meal appointment that’s been like that so far. We taught som new investigators but thay already seem pretty flaky. We played frisbee with Yang Yang and then using Jenga pieces explained baptism to him and invited him to be baptized and he said, “Can I?”. It was awesome, he’s a super good kid, now we need to work on his parents. His date is December 28th.

Thursday was good, we taught Kevin who is still really crazy but he really likes us which is good. He has a lot of questions about a lot of things. We went over to a members house to help translate some things and it was all this complicated tax things and mortgage things and we really didn’t know how to help them so we were sad to tell that that they needed to go to an accountant. We had a fun time playing Basketball, Elder Peterson came with us to play so it was fun playing with him. We won’t be able to play basketball anymore until the middle of January because I guess people need to decorate the gym for things and stuff like that.

Friday we went to a members house to have hot pot and it really wasn’t that great, I don’t understand why everyone likes it so much, it was just okay. I went on exchanges with Elder Fonseca which was really fun, it was my frst time taking over the area and it was hard trying to talk to people because when people called on the phone I couldn’t really understand what they were saying but I survived. We taught Sister Z and somehow she forgot everything we have taught her. She forgot who God was, we’ll work with her.

Saturday we did a ton of driving and we drove mor than 150 miles which was crazy. We ate a members house for dinner and I really loved all the food she fed us, it was really tasty. It was raining all day and I love the rain, it just makes it a liitle hard to drive around places.

Sunday it was super crazy because we have so many investigators and thay are all crazy and I was kinda stressed out. I also have to sing things for the christmas program and meet with people and teach and it was just a stressful day.

Well I’m all out of time today, have a good week everyone, enjoy the snow in Utah, it’s nice and warm out here in Houston.

Elder Wimmer


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