Week 13! November 17, 2014

It's cold in Texas

It’s cold in Texas

Deep thought.

Deep thought.

It was great to hear from Jake.  I got to email back and forth with him for a little bit.  He sounds happy and healthy and he is having fun. A new group of missionaries is arriving tomorrow so he gets to have a welcome dinner/devotional with the Mission President and his wife at their home. Usually this happens right when new missionaries arrive to the mission but since Elder Wimmer was alone when he arrived the welcome dinner didn’t happen.  Makes sense.  It would be awkward to plan something for just one missionary (maybe there was one more that came in during that day, I can’t remember).  Nonetheless, he will get the proper welcome and get to meet the President’s family.  We love this boy more than words can say and we are so proud of him. Kim-


Monday was a fun P day. We played some fun card games and messed around. Our appointments both cancelled but we taught two lessons still. We played Jenga with one of our investigators and taught this old lady who isn’t able to go to church because she can’t really walk.

Tuesday we taught English in the morning and not that many people came but it was still good. Our District meeting went well, we need to work on finding but everyone is doing good and trying their hardest to spread the gospel. A few companionship’s are really struggling but they really do try. We taught Sister Z today and reviewed some things and she didn’t know who Joseph Smith was, big problem! We worked with a less active and taught him about patience and how to control his temper, that went really well. We played Jenga with another investigator and somehow Jenga really builds friendships.

Wednesday I went on an exchange with Elder Johnson and had lots of fun in the English area, it’s a lot different. We did 5 hours of service which I thought was a little long. We unloaded food from a food truck, sorted clothes for a food drive and helped move furniture from a house. Then we took all the furniture in a truck and put it in a storage unit which we had to use the elevator to get to. Some of the furniture was really heavy and hard to move but eventually we finished. This was all for a local group and churches that provide things for the poor and the missionaries asked if the LDS church could join so now they help out all the time. The guy in charge was catholic and took us out to lunch and then we taught him a lot about our doctrine and stuff, he was super funny and curious. We taught a Hindu family who listened but didn’t want to commit to anything. That was my day in an English area.

Thursday we had a missionary training and I really liked it. We went over safety and how to clean the apartment. Then we had a long discussion on the Atonement and it was really interesting and I learned a lot. I finally met all the new missionaries. We taught Sister Z today and she did a lot better today. She’s starting to finally understand the doctrine and she can pass a baptismal interview almost. We had a good basketball night and we had a few new people come that I’ve never seen before. My apartment really likes card games and Elder Clark tried to remind me how to play Yugioh and we played before we went to bed.

Friday it started to get really cold so we didn’t go running in the morning, I know, it actually can get cold in Texas. Sister W taught me some Chinese an I taught her English. We went and mowed a less actives lawn and then taught her but she is so stubborn. Elder Ni and Elder Tang baptized her a few months ago and now she just doesn’t want to listen. We played football with Y and he really likes us now and he’s so willing to let us teach him. He’s progressing really well and doing what we commit him to do, now we need to work on his parents. I ate at a members house and of course we had some noodles, we taught the husband who is less active and it was fun talking to him about his son who is out on a mission right now. We played Pokemon cards/ tried to play Pokemon. None of us know how to play but some cards were left at our apartment

Saturday was normal. We played football with Yang Yang again and taught Sister Z again. We had a great meal appointment at the X families house and R came as well so we taught him and the member family. We had some ribs and potatoes, my first American dinner! We finally got a new investigator today, he’s good friends with one of our investigators and he has really good English, he understand Chinese but prefers English. He also is already good friends with some members in the ward.

Sunday was great. Sister Z is ready for Baptism, her and her daughter will be baptized on Saturday and they are really excited. My first two baptisms! We stayed at church to practice for their Christmas program which I thought was going to be during church but it’s actually not. They just keep adding more songs they want me to sing which I am fine with haha, I love singing!! All our appointments after dinner cancelled on us but we still met with Y, it was really awkward because his parents cancelled on us but he let us come over and teach him haha.

Monday today we had the transfer announcement and Elder Tang will be leaving us tomorrow, probably going English. Elder Freestone will also be leaving us and going to a new area which will be sad because I really like him. Now I’m really running out of time.

This Chinese is coming along slowly but don’t worry, by the time I get home I’ll be fluent don’t you worry. The Chinese in Houston are awesome and most of them are very friendly. I’ve actually lost 10lbs so far but thats just MTC weight haha.

Love Elder Wimmer<

Wei Zhang Lao
魏 长老


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