Week 12! November 10, 2014

My companions Elder Ni and Tang

My companions Elder Ni and Tang


Monday we went to China town!! It was really ghetto, not as cool as I thought it would be but there were a lot of Chinese. Also a lot of Vietnamese places. The traffic was super bad, what can you expect from Chinese drivers :0, actually supposedly it is always bad traffic and there is always construction going on. We got our haircuts at Hair by Harry. It was really sketchy and it was only $5. Probably the worst haircut I’ve ever got. The lady cutting my hair was watching tv while cutting my hair and she wouldn’t talk with me. I taught English to an investigator who has been an investigator for maybe 2 years and then we had our nightly game of Jenga haha.

Tuesday was a normal day out in the field. Sister W taught me some Chinese and afterward I taught her in English Class. Two of our appointments fell through but we found people to teach. Our English class at night was also a success. We had a few more people come than normal.

Wednesday was freaking sweet. We had to wake up at 4:30 around but that was okay. We went to the temple with a few other zones and did a session. Then we discussed some temple things with the mission president and the temple president. It was a once in a life time opportunity. Very spiritual and I learned a bunch of stuff. Our Investigator Sister Z is progressing which is good.

Thursdays are my favorite because we have a sports night and I love playing basketball with Chinese people. I’m not that good but I’m alright playing with them. Weekly planning took a long time but we planned for all of our investigators which is good.

Friday was my first experience of really knocking on doors because we never do. I knocked on 2 doors and this old guy answered and sad we could meet with him on sunday and we gave him our phone number. We found out today that sister Z worships her mother and the car god or something like that. Really weird if you ask me. We’re trying to help her with that

Saturday we went on exchanges so elder Ni went with elder Clark and we got elder Freestone. We had so much fun, we played some football with R and his friend and tried to teach him little. We talked with Sister Z and she now doesn’t worship other gods anymore. She gave us her incense too which is a good first step

Sunday we had an english speaker in sacrament meeting so I understood what was happening. We went and ate dinner at a part member family’s house and the food was super good.

Out of time, see you next week

Elder Wimmer


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