Week Eleven! November 3, 2014

Not  a mountain to be found.

Not a mountain in sight.

Mom’s note – Well, September and October flew by fast. I can’t believe we are already into November. Jake is having a great time being a missionary and we couldn’t be more pleased. You always wonder how well your child will adjust to new circumstances. He’s adjusting. We were able to e-mail back and forth a few minutes today AND Jake happened to log on at the same time as Max. They got to converse back and forth for just a bit. They won’t have that opportunity for at least another 655+ more days, but who is counting. Ha! We love this boy and are so proud of him. If I haven’t said it before, thank you for your support. -Kim

Here is his update:


I don’t have much time this week but I will try to write as much as I can!

Monday, P day. We bought lots of cereal and milk because everyone loves cereal and we bought toilet paper, that’s all we bought. We had an epic Nerf fight at the other Chinese Elders apartment and then we took a little nap. That’s how we spent our P day. I got to teach some investigators English which was really hard because I didn’t understand what they were saying but that’s okay. It’s hard being a teacher! So these investigators gave me some Chinese drink and it was super gross and I really couldn’t drink it, my companions both loved it though.

Tuesday, The church gym floor got redone or something so it was really smelly and Elder T was feeling a little off today. We thought it was from the fumes of the floor but we weren’t sure. Elder N went on exchanges so we got Elder F who is super cool. We were having a normal day until Elder T really started getting sick. We were in this ladies house which smelled terrible and I did not like being in there. We ended up taking Elder T back to the apartment and I stayed with him for the rest of the day studying.

Wednesday this Chinese lady at our English Class Sister W started teaching me Chinese. She uses these Children’s books in Chinese and we do the grammar and things, it’s hard but kinda fun. Maybe I could be more productive studying by myself but I’m trying to eventually teach her lessons in Chinese for practice. Right now, she doesn’t want me to do that. We drove a lot today because it took an hour to get to our dinner appointment and an hour to get back but it’s worth it because I love Chinese food and it was super good.

Thursday was really busy. Most of our appointments fell through but we had other people to teach, just not the normal people. We have Sister Z and her daughter M and they are really cool but they don’t seem ready for baptism. They have many doubts so we’ll probably have to push their date back a week or two. We spent an hour talking with this nonmember about cars because that’s his job and we have an investigator who wants to buy a car but doesn’t speak very good English.

Friday, Halloween! So I learned some more Chinese from Sister W in the stinky church, from the floor, and then we had zone meeting. It was probably four hours long which was a really long time but it was fun. Elder T’s birthday was today so we had cupcakes and stuff. Now he’s 21! We went to a buffet with a member for dinner, her son is in the MTC right now and I actually have met him before. We had to go in early for Halloween so we played some card game called sanguosha, it’s three kingdoms kill in English and it’s really fun.

Saturday we had fun teaching some youth how to play football because they are from China and have no idea, we also got to teach them some short lessons and they seem pretty interested, we’ll see where this leads. We ate lunch at this place called tornado burger and it was way good. For dinner we went to a members house and had Italian food. We ate pasta, chicken Parmesan, meatballs, and salad, then we had desert. I was about to throw up afterward, literally. We just kept eating and eating and I couldn’t eat after that. It’s hard having to eat more and more.

Sunday I didn’t understand what was going on at Church because it was all in Chinese but I did like it. I practiced a song with a member for the Christmas program and I think we will do alright. He’s white and speaks English so it was fun talking with him haha. We tried helping Sister Z get her mail box fixed, part of it was in the ground and the other part someone hit with their car so it was broken. I think we spent around an hour and a half and we couldn’t get the part out of the ground but we dug a new hole and got the mailbox to stand up straight. Overall, we broke two hammers, a shovel, a screw driver, and a big piece of metal, it probably looked really funny when we were trying to fix this in the middle of the dark

Today, so far we have cleaned the apartment and the car. An investigator called us and they want to be baptized this Sunday which will be crazy, we’re not sure if they will be ready but hope they are, my first baptism, actually it’s a mother and daughter so my first and second baptism.

I love you all and wish you luck in life. I’m always praying for you family and love you so much. I’ll be back before you know it, #2ndWeek

Elder Wimmer


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