Week Ten! October 27, 2014

Running to catch the bus!

Running to catch the bus!

Elder Wimmer sounds great! Music to this mother’s ears (except for the roaches – shoot, we had rats in Guatemala so it could be worse). We sure love this boy! He doesn’t have a whole lot of computer time to email (read and respond) so if you want to write him, I would recommend using snail mail or dearelder.com (cost of a stamp). It is pretty user friendly. His apartment is real close to the mission home and he said to use that address, which is:

Elder Jacob Wimmer
602 Eldridge Road
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Week One letter

Monday was really busy. We were buying things and packing all day. We didn’t want to go to class but we did anyways and we skyped this really cool Chinese guy who at the time was in Provo and he was super funny, after the lesson we were talking with him in English. We stayed up really late packing and cleaning our room but we finally got to bed past midnight.

Tuesday we woke up way too late. I was supposed to be at the bus at 2:30 and Max knocked on the door at 2:45 asking where I was. I probably left a bunch of stuff but the bus was still waiting for a few people so I made it on time, I didn’t get to say goodbye to anyone besides my room and max’s room. The plane rides I fell asleep and both times the person next to me was sleeping or wasn’t in their seat. The second plane ride there wasn’t anyone sitting by me. Houston is weird because there aren’t any mountains, there are a ton of trees though which is weird. It was really nice talking to you, mom and dad at the airport. I was kinda freaking out because I’m not used to being by myself now haha. There were a bunch of people staring at me at the airport, haha. The mission president picked me up at the airport which was cool but I didn’t get a very long welcoming. Normally all the new missionaries get to meet each other and then have a devotional and eat at a nice meal and then meet their senior companion but I was all by myself so they just dropped me off at the district meeting with all my luggage and said good luck.

My companions are really cool. Elder N and Elder T are from Taiwan and Hong Kong so I never understand what they are talking about even in English sometimes. Hopefully they teach me Chinese fast. Elder P is fun to talk to and my district is really nice, they are all very welcoming. Our district is actually doing good with teaching the gospel. There are only 5 Chinese elders and we do a bunch of stuff together.

Our apartment is pretty ghetto. There are roaches and wholes in the wall. There are English elders that share the apartment with us and they are cool. Our apartment stinks pretty bad and we have a ton of stuff crammed in there. There really isn’t any space for me but I made it work. I taught my first lesson today and I had no idea what the investigator was saying! I need to work on my Chinese a lot.

Wednesday was great but not a normal day. So every morning we go running and I’m not the best runner. For most of the morning we teach english classes so when it isn’t our class we study and switch off. It’s fun except some chinese’s english is very bad and I don’t understand what they are saying in Chinese. I have now started on the 12 week program so basically in 12 weeks I should know the area enough and be able to be a trainer, crazy! We went and did service at a members house helping him pull down a tree in his backyard but his yard isn’t very big and lets say multiple times branches from the tree almost his his fence or yard. It took a lot longer than expected and we ended up eating lunch and dinner there and doing our language study.

Thursday was great. I fell asleep a ton during studying because the mission life is tough. Missionaries told me I’d get used to it eventually. So my companions make me use as much chinese as possible which is good, it helps me most of the time. I still don’t understand what any Chinese are talking about. We had a sports night where all of our investigators came and some youth and it was lots of fun. Some Chinese are really bad at basketball, they make me seem good. For our lunch apartment we went to a Chinese buffet and it was super good, I’m getting super fat already.

Friday were exchanges so we had one of the assistants come with me and Elder Ni. He was super cool and even though he is a spanish elder he taught very good in English, we taught one of our lessons in English today. Some Chinese who grew up in the USA understand more English than Chinese which is really nice. So as Chinese elders we do a lot of translating work for Chinese and do random stuff. We were helping one investigator apply for a visa for a really long time but she spoke some English which was fun.

Saturday we went to another Chinese buffet, these members are trying to make me super fat! All our appointments today were cancelled so we struggled to find people to teach but we did teach some inactives and one investigator.

Sunday was crazy, we are really busy on Sundays. There are about 80 Chinese that attend church on Sundays and a few of them speak English which is good. I didn’t understand any of the members, any of the lessons but I loved it. It’s cool that there are Chinese members here in Houston. Everywhere we go people give us food and all the Chinese are so friendly.


Elder Wimmer


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