Week Nine! October 20, 2014

Getting ready to leave the MTC!

Getting ready to leave the MTC!

Elder Wimmer leaves for Houston tomorrow (21st).  Nine weeks sure has flown by!  We are so proud of this boy and we love him very much.  Here is his update:

This whole week it was a challenge to stay on task and study but I tried my hardest.

Tuesday we reviewed our lessons with our investigators and discussed who did good things and bad things and it was cool hearing random stuff that others did.  A member of the seventy spoke on Satan and his power over us, there was some cool stuff I haven’t heard of before. We finally finished the 10 lb. bar of chocolate which was quite impressive.

Wednesday the new missionaries came in and there were actually quite a few elders I knew from school that came in. The cafeteria was packed, there must have been a ton of missionaries that came in. Of course I ran into Elder Avery which was fun. Everyone got their reassignments today and it was crazy.  We have people going to Boston with my companion, Arizona, Virginia, Michigan and other places.

Thursday Sister B. went to the doctor and has to go home for surgery but the good news is she gets to go straight to Taiwan when she recovers which is great. We had a Testimony meeting in our district because Sister B.

Friday was in-field orientation and it was great. We were having a quick review over basically what we will do in the field. We talked to random people and had to share really small messages. We got to know people really fast and try to get referrals, it was super hard but it was fun. They had this play which basically went through a whole day of the mission and it was really funny.

Saturday Wan Lao Shi told us the story of Lian Jie mei and it was actually her companion on her mission, crazy! I talked with Max and his companions for a while and then we packed. I passed around a book for people to sign and that will be my book for converts and members and companions, it’ll be cool by the end of the mission.

Sunday was great. It was our last sacrament and our last devotional. we had this guy named Chad Lewis come and speak. He went to Taiwan on his mission and he was in the NFL, he was super cool. We also had a departure devotional where the MTC Presidency came and spoke with us, that was great. I’m surprised that this MTC experience went by so fast but I had so much fun.  I can’t wait for Houston!

Elder Wimmer


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