Week Eight! October 13, 2014


Tuesday I didn’t sing in the choir for the devotional because no one wanted to go with me but that was fine. We had a cool Nerf war in the dorms haha. I started a journal of all the talks we listen to here and I feel like in a while it’ll be pretty cool.

Wednesday I ran into J Lo and I haven’t seen her since so she is either at West Campus or she’s gone already, crazy! Wednesday was a day where I actually understood what was going on in class, some days I understand and some days I am totally lost.

Thursday we tried out for a musical number, me and Max sang I’m trying to be like Jesus and we did good. The MTC presidencies wives did the auditions because I guess one of them used to be a professional singer.

Friday our lesson with our investigator went way good and she’s still having troubles committing to baptism but we are working on it. We all got our flight plans and all the Taiwan people got reassigned because their visas aren’t here yet so we’ll find out this Friday where they are going. Me and my companion were sure stoked, it was hard focusing for the rest of the day but I tried my hardest.

Saturday was really fun. My lesson with my inactive went really well, she wants to go on a mission and stopped drinking. She is reading her scriptures for us and even though she is afraid of praying she finally prayed for us. She is almost like our friend now, we tell her about our lives and it’s really fun, even though it’s not real, it feels real and the spirit is always there when we teach.

Sunday was way cool. Me and Max sang for the devotional and everyone knows us now and compliments us now. The speaker thanked us for bringing the spirit and afterward a senior missionary gave me some referrals of his best friends who live in south Houston, it was way cool.

Well I’m out of time I have like two minutes left.


Elder Jacob Wimmer


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