Week Seven! October 6, 2014

The MTC Choir singing at the General Conference Priesthood Session, October 4, 2014

My brother and I singing in the MTC Choir during the Priesthood Session, October 4, 2014

My brother and I singing side-by-side once again.

Singing with the Lord's Army!

Singing with the Lord’s Army!

Monday, good day!

Tuesday, Choir for the devotional was really empty because all the elders in the priesthood choir were tired of singing but we sang alright, it sounded better because it was more even with sisters and elders. We practiced for priesthood choir after the devotional and we started to actually sound good

Wednesday, we were sitting on a bench outside distributing the mail when a lady came up and asked us if we wanted to host and of course we all said yes, that made my day. I got to host like six missionaries and I saw Max directing traffic. I only recognized two elders coming in. One’s name is Dallin, forget his last name, he’s from Herriman. With the new two districts in our zone our floor is now energetic and lively at night before bed, it’s so much more fun. It was fun just having our zone and Max’s district but it was a nice change.

Thursday, we had a choir dress rehearsal in the chapel right next to the MTC and it’s pretty cool inside. It made us sound a little better but i noticed some elders that couldn’t sing at all. For our investigator today we almost committed her to baptism which was super cool, some of our lesson are great but it’s hard for us to keep her doing things and stay with her commitments.

Friday was super fun. Classes were alright, I didn’t teach any investigators, a lot of studying grammar and vocab. My class with Wan Lao Shi still wasn’t the best, but I try to pay attention. We asked her how many missionaries have ever gotten through to her inactive Liang Jie Mei and she said that no one ever has which is just great. It’s good practice for a really stubborn inactive. Elder Green in our zone got a package of nerf guns so now we have enough for our whole district to play so we have epic nerf wars.

Saturday morning before conference we had an epic nerf war because we didn’t have gym today. The first session of conference was cool, I enjoy hearing all the facts and things about the church. Right after the session was over we ate really fast and then the choir hopped on buses to go downtown. They fed us twice down there and it was the best experience ever. There had to be angels singing with us because we sounded like real men singing and everyone was sick. On the bus ride home we were singing and it didn’t sound that great, maybe it was just my bus but people were bearing their testimonies on the bus and it was super spiritual. Some elders testimonies on the matter were kinda funny but also great. A lot of Elders admitted that they just wanted to go to conference or be on TV but I think everyone realized that we weren’t singing for ourselves, we were singing for the Lord and bearing our testimonies, it was awesome. Too bad me and Max didn’t sing the solo, everyone around us were telling us that we should have haha. The speaker that spoke in Cantonese in the morning was really cool. That was new and I like it.

Sunday was a great day of conference. My favorite talk from conference was probably Bednar’s, maybe because it was the last one but I remember it really well and I like it. It was way good for non members. Sunday night we had a devotional and the speaker was Vai Sikahema and he was super funny, he just told us missionary stories and told lots of jokes. He probably was my favorite speaker so far at the MTC because he just drew your attention. I missed the second session of conference on Saturday so I need to watch that today.

I wish you all luck from the MTC, 15 more days! I met a missionary who lived in Sugarland and went to the branch I will serve in. She said I will have such a good time, I’m stoked. The Taiwan elders that left before us have gotten their visas and they are all in Taiwan now, pretty cool. They sent us pictures and everything. No pictures this week, but Max has some i think. Love you all

Elder Wimmer
Wei Zhang Lao


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