Week Six! September 29, 2014

Hey Fam, how’s it goin. Here’s my weekly update.

Monday was just a normal p day with the occasional prank and then class which I understood pretty well

Tuesday was a great day. We all figured out if we made it to sing in general conference. Max and I made it, as well as an elder from my district. Scott James is singing in the choir and Tyler Ross is as well. Same as Aaron Hayden and Ryan Jensen, oh yeah, and Noah Purser. It’s pretty fun. M. Russel Ballard spoke during the devotional and it was all about goal setting, and tons of other stuff. We sang in the choir Joseph Smiths First Vision and it sounded pretty good. It’s always crazy getting in to the choir

Wednesday I had a great time hosting. The elders I hosted don’t always remember me but I still remember them and it’s pretty fun talking to them after. I love talking with people it’s the best. Other than hosting Wednesday was way boring.

Thursday was good, in class I was understanding a lot with one of our teachers even though my lesson didn’t go very well and I could feel the spirit really strongly. Our second class was terrible because I really just don’t like our teacher and somehow she tries to make you in a bad mood. It almost happens everyday.

Friday we started singing for choir which we do every morning now and it was pretty fun, the music is going to be way cool. We’re singing a medley of songs which has never happened before and we are singing primary songs which also has never happened before. There are some elders in the choir who can’t sing but they are getting better over time. If elders can’t sing good enough then they won’t be able to sing in the choir and we all have to go get haircuts so everyone has acceptable hair. I’m getting one today. Before bed on Friday we had a nerf war, we normally have one every night ha.

Saturday it was raining all day and it was really dark but I love the rain so i was good. Choir was fun again, one of our songs the tenors get to sing really high which is awesome. The teacher I don’t like, we finally taught her after two weeks without teaching her and I think it went way good. She’s a super hard in active to teach. So everyday for every meal I eat salad and I think it’s making me lose some weight/the weight I gained at the beginning of the MTC

Fast Sunday was a great day. Our meeting were really lonely because we only have 3 districts but it’s still fun, on Wednesday we get two new districts which will be fun. For the devotional the speaker was the same guy who spoke at my first devotional which means that I’ve been here forever. Luckily he didn’t do the same talk because he felt that he should talk about something else. He spoke about D&C 4 and it was really cool, I need to memorize it. He had he musical number sing their song like 5 times which was kinda funny but their song was of The First Vision so it was super cool.

That’s my week.

Elder Wimmer


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