Week Two! September 1, 2014

Hello All (this is Jacob’s mom),

We were excited to hear from Elder Jacob this morning. I think about him often. I was able to jump on the computer right as he was writing so we got to “converse” back and forth for while. I have pieced together the majority of our conversation so it makes sense. I left out some parts that didn’t make sense to add. I have added some explanations where necessary. This sounds more like a question answer session rather than a traditional letter. Hey, I’ll take whatever I can get. One blessing of the internet. He sounds really good and we are so proud of him.

I’m doing great this week. The beginning of the week was a little struggle with the language and I was still trying to figure out the best way to learn but I’m catching on. I did figure out how to send pictures but the computers won’t let me use drop box. Oh well. I’m getting the hang of this laundry concept and waking up isn’t even hard anymore. 6 hours of classes is a little hard though. So last week we had an”investigator” but he isn’t teaching anymore so now we don’t have an investigator but we did hear him speak in English and it was crazy. We were all laughing and he even smiled a little.

There are too many people here that I know that I can’t even include them in my email. I asked Jacob in his last email if he saw any of his friends. Apparently there are a LOT of them at the MTC right now. On Thursday, we were doing service and cleaning another building and it was way nicer than ours, then we went on a chinese scavenger hunt and went into other buildings and they were way nice, I guess where we have class and our residence halls are the worst buildings and haven’t been remodeled but oh well. I saw Max’s classroom, it’s a few doors down from mine but I’m not sure where his room is. He isn’t in my zone though but the other zone is nice and now I’ll just get to know the other zone as well. What do you want to hear about?

I asked him if Max was going to be in his zone and I asked him if he was singing in the MTC choir. We have sacrament with our zones so no, but I see Michael (Butler) all the time cause he’s in the classroom next to Max’s, we’re all in the same hall, he could be in my zone but the chances aren’t high. My companion does not sing so I go on splits with other missionaries to choir. Choir is fun but some of the guys can’t sing at all. If you want to sing on Tuesday night devotionals we have to get there 20 minutes early. If we get to sing at conference they will give out surveys of how much choir experience we have at choir practice.

We go to the gym every morning and sometimes I run but usually I play volleyball, basketball, or 4 square. The Chinese keeps you pretty busy but I’m learning a few gospel things. Tell Max not to compare himself to others in his class because some kids are way good and some are like me. Some of the elders that have been here for 7 weeks have the worst tones ever.

I asked him about snacks and if he needed me to send him anything. Oh, the whole district just shares snacks so you never eat all your food unless you want to. I usually share most the things. So far I have bought some MTC sweat pants and a shirt, laundry detergent and this stain remover thing. I bought a small hymn book in english and all these flash cards and some notebooks but I’m not going to use flash cards anymore. I do have my praying down, now all I have to do is memorize the missionary purpose in Chinese.

He told us in his last e-mail that a sister was dealing with depression and was going to go home. The sister that was going to leave did leave so now there are two sister companionships and there still is a tri-companionship of elders. We have a lot of fun. My companion is not shy at all. We do mess around a lot though. Our district has a hard time focusing sometimes. We just got a new teacher and it’s going to take some time to get used to her. Well I’m almost out of time and I have to go do some other stuff. The temple was closed today because of Labor day so that was lame. I actually haven’t got any mail. . . the end of our conversation.


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