Week Three! September 8, 2014

Hello Everyone,

Just got off the computer with Jacob. He sounds good. We sure love and miss him. Thank you to anyone who is writing him. I’m sure he appreciates everyone’s letter. I failed to ask him about who he received mail from and I don’t know if he even sent a response. I’ll ask him next time. We again corresponded back and forth so I will attempt to piece together his e-mail. Here goes.

Hey, Mom. Let’s see, where to begin, I never know what to put in these emails. So this week has been stressful but at the same time pretty fun. It’s fun getting to know Max’s district but I never talk to the new districts in my zone. There is this elder in my district that is like fluent in Chinese but he doesn’t want to get fast tracked. Well chances are he can’t get a visa in time anyways. Everyone is going to Taibei Taiwan except me and my companion. With the new districts that came in there were more sisters than elders so it’s kinda weird and then Michael [Butler] and all of his district is leaving today or really early tomorrow morning. I can’t believe they are leaving!

I asked about his zone and district and how many Mandarin missionaries are going to a mission outside of Taiwan. There aren’t that many. Just Singapore, Australia, I think there are a few England, and then Taiwan. The Taiwan missionaries are being reassigned somewhere in the US but for the next two weeks they get to stay at the MTC. Supposedly the ladies at the travel office didn’t give them the updated visas and knew that they might not be accepted which I think is really dumb. I asked Jacob about the Visa issue and the Taiwan missionaries, and he said, Yeah they will have about fifty something all going to Taiwan at the same day because the missionaries without their visas will come in with the elders and sisters from my district. They will just be in the states for 4 weeks or so and then go to Taiwan.

I’m getting used to the eating times but I of course am gaining some weight. Now I only drink water and try not to eat after dinner but sometimes it’s hard. Sundays, Mondays, and Tuesdays always go by fast here in the MTC. Then Wednesdays are fun with all the new missionaries, Thursdays are fun because we get to clean buildings but Fridays and Saturdays take forever. Sometimes days fly by when my lessons go well and I sort of understand what’s going on in class. Other times I’m way tired and I am totally lost in class and our investigators don’t understand what we’re trying to tell them and we don’t understand them as well. Choir is fun when the people next to you can sing. I finally got to sing in the choir on Tuesday night and supposedly it was like zooming in on me and my zone president was glad that our district was representing in the choir It’s really fun talking with Max and telling him and his district kinda what they should do. I like giving advice to people. I’m excited to become a host eventually.

I asked about his interaction with Max and Max’s companion and about the zone. It looks like Max and his companion like each other but I don’t know. His class is super close and his room is on the same floor as mine. There are two Chinese zones, it just depends how many districts there are and when they are leaving and stuff. Because the Chinese haven’t got their visas our two zones are the two biggest zones in the MTC.

I asked if he met a Mandarin Elder going to his mission. Yeah there is Elder Peterson, the one who lived in China, he’s super nice. He leaves in a week I think. Elder Peterson said that he hears there were either ten or eight (Mandarin Elders in his mission). That’s what I heard as well.

The most spiritual parts of the MTC is in devotionals because some of them are way cool. The best times that the spirit is strong is when our lesson goes great and our investigator actually does what you commit them to and they understand us! So every Saturday we go and teach two volunteers who aren’t necessarily members but most of the time they are. Our three investigators are our three teachers. They all go to school at BYU so they kinda switch off and stuff. One of my teachers I really don’t like but the other two are awesome. He’s over just our mandarin zone and doesn’t speak chinese at all.

Oh yeah, I see Brinlee Howard (Jacob’s 2nd cousin on the Wimmer side) everyday. She has meals at the same time as me and she has gym time with me and whenever I go to the store I normally see her. Jacob posted a photo of the district Elders and a photo with the Branch President. Branch President Woodfield, he’s a way cool guy. He’s over just our mandarin zone and doesn’t speak chinese at all. End of conversation.


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