Week One! August 25, 2014

Hi Everyone,

It was good to hear from Jacob yesterday. I hope it is not a trend that I will get absolutely nothing done on Monday mornings (and Sunday evenings when Max is out) until I get to hear from my missionaries. We love Jake and are so proud of him. Still not sending that darn Rubik’s Cube. Thank you all for your support. ~Kim

First P Day. It’s going good so far. The language is coming slow but I think I’m catching on a little bit. I actually haven’t done my laundry yet but I’ll do that in a few hours. I have an hour every P Day on the computers. Tell the girls that I wish them luck in school and that I think they’ll do great. I’m going to try to send some pictures but I’m not sure how to yet. There are many people who want to meet Max when he comes in, I don’t think I can host while he comes in but Ryan will be hosting. Send Max with regular shoes because I wish I had some for P days, we can just wear flip flops or gym shoes but it’s kinda nice to have normal shoes. Max can bring a hoodie if he wants, it’s cold in the mornings and he’ll probably be exercising with my zone in the mornings after breakfast. Tell max that the food is way good but yes you do get a little hungry in the evening but it’s not bad. Elders always say not to drink the juice but I have no idea what they are talking about.

I’m getting to know my district really well and we all get along. We have a lot of fun. There might be a sister missionary going home due to depression and other things but we’re not exactly sure. Today I went and did some sealings and they weren’t what I expected them to be but they weren’t weird or anything.

Tell Max that the hardest thing to do at the MTC in my opinion is calling everyone Sister and Elder. Most people say guys a lot and it’s kinda funny, I do it as well. It’s hard writing emails because I’m a poor typist but I do my best to send longer letters. I do have Max’s hymn book just so you know and I want Max to bring my rubiks cube or you can send it in a package.

Michael Butler’s companion this week has gotten 5 packages in 6 days, that’s a ton! When Max gets here if he’s in my zone Michael will be one of his zone leaders.

The last 5 days have all been different but now basically every day is the same and I’m getting the hang of it. Me and my companion still do get lost but we follow other elders around and figure out where we are going. Planning each day in our planner really helps us be productive. Our district likes to mess around so every once in a while we take a little break and have fun but for the most part we are a good district. Our district leader says that our district is always known for it’s obedience and that we are a great example to other districts.

I love you and have fun at home.

Take care

Elder Wimmer

Wei Zhang Lao


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