Week Four! September 15, 2014

Weekly Update, I don’t think I took any pictures so I won’t be sending any.

Tuesday was pretty fun, everyone thought there was going to be an apostle coming so everyone was trying to get in and it was crazy. I got to sing in the choir and it was pretty fun. We actually sometimes do hard songs that sound pretty cool.

Wednesday I thought I was getting sick because everyone in my district has gotten sick but luckily it was just my stomach hurting a bit. I just ate something bad for lunch or dinner. Wednesdays are long days except it’s fun to say hello to all the new missionaries. Next Wednesday I get to be a host and I’m stoked for that because I like talking to people.

Thursday We had our service in the morning and we got to go around spraying down all the bathrooms and scrubbing things. I didn’t teach a lesson to any investigator on Thursday so that was a little relief.

Friday was good for part of the day. Class with Ke Lao Shi is always fun and we learn new grammar things and she tells us stories and I sort of understand. We had some good teriyaki sticks for dinner but they made me sick afterwards which was lame. Our inactive member we had to teach was super hard on us. It came to the point where i was almost on the brink of crying. Our teacher afterwards actually came and apologized because she knows she was being hard on us but she said this inactive made her cry all the time on her mission. Our teacher told us that she doesn’t actually hate us, the investigator doesn’t like us and that they aren’t the same person.

Saturday morning we went and taught some members some short lessons which was fun. We thought we did a way good job. Afterwards we got the review back and they said we were personal and we were super cheerful and stuff but we needed to work on our chinese and some other stuff. We couldn’t figure out why one of our lessons went way bad and they started teaching us but it was because we worded something wrong and they thought we wanted them to give us advice on how to teach.

Sunday we had a different schedule and it was a little weird. First we ate breakfast and then studied for a little, then we went to priesthood which was really lonely because everyone is leaving and then there were lots of people who were sick. In sacrament the musical number was way good, eventually me and Max will sing something. How sacrament works is that they just randomly pick people to give talks and I was kinda glad I didn’t have to give my talk, even though it was going to be good. That’s my weekly update.

Elder Wimmer

From Kim – Just to clarify, I asked Jake about his “investigators” and this is what he said. “So the only time we would actually teach a real investigator is on Saturdays because we teach whoever volunteers. Sometimes investigators volunteer but I’ve only taught members and my teachers.”


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