Week Five! September 22, 2014

This week was super great!

Tuesday, Richard G. Scott came to speak at the devotional and he talked all about prayer, it was cool. For a lot of people in the MTC that was the closest they’ve ever been to an apostle so it was fun seeing them react. It was also crazy getting in to choir because everyone wanted to sing and be on camera because it was being broadcast. Tuesday was also the last night for me to see many friends that I made who are off to their temporary assignments. It was bitter sweet

Wednesday I had a blast hosting people. You only get to host about five people but I like getting to know people and we get to speak in English which is always nice. I got to host my friend Robert Woodford who is going to Japan which was fun, it seemed like everyone in his room came from Japan because their stuff was already unpacked and their stuff looked foreign. I think on Wednesday I made like 400 flashcards which is really crazy but they do help a little bit

Thursday we went and did all these random cleaning jobs in a building and we had a lot of fun doing it. In gym I have started running instead of playing basketball and things and it’s lots of fun. Our lesson today was our best lesson yet. We got the “investigator” to pray for the very first time and she actually did what we committed her. While she was praying I was crying because it was so sweet and it really seemed like her first prayer. My companion and I were really happy after the lesson.

Friday I got to eat a western burger which are always pretty good. Friday was super boring, Friday’s and Saturday’s normally are. I almost fell asleep in class all day. I think it was Friday when Elder Wheeler finally got to leave the MTC. He had a MRI and they finally diagnosed him with something, a few hours later they called him to the front desk and told him to pack his stuff which he already had packed. He said he had been rewearing the same shirt and pants and tie for the last 2 weeks ha.

Saturday marked my half way point, Hump Day! There wasn’t any gym today so in our dorms we had a big nerf war haha. Our TRC today was awesome. My companion and I forgot to prepare but our lessons went great and they complimented us on our chinese. So far my favorite meal in T=the MTC has been the enchilada casserole which i had for lunch, it tasted super good!

Sunday was awesome as well. In the morning I wrote a talk on the atonement and then went to the temple dedication which I thought was a little boring but it was still good. I always hate Sunday lunch because it is always meat and potatoes and it just doesn’t taste good. For choir I sat next to Max and messed around a little bit. For choir, half the time the choir teacher tells a story about whatever the song is about. That’s great and all but I really just want to sing.The got the good news that the elders get to sing in priesthood session so I hope me and Max make it. We took a survey about our choir experience, if we are good singers, and we were good sight readers. I bet lots of elders lied but oh well. Only 364 elders I think get to go sing which isn’t very many. The devotional was given by the previous MTC president and it was all about being a great missionary which means exact obedience. Exact obedience is impossible but it’s whatever, it was a great talk.

Marley Pancratz left this morning which is super weird but it was fun getting to know her district, I always would talk with them. After tomorrow we will be the oldest district in our zone which is crazy.

Well that’s all I got, Love all of you

Love, Elder Wimmer

Wei Zhang Lao


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