Day Three! August 22, 2014

Elder Wimmer enters the MTC.

Elder Wimmer enters the MTC.

My companion, Elder Anderson.

My companion, Elder Anderson.

Ni Hao,

I’m doing great here in the MTC. My district is a little large and our classroom is a bit small but it is very fun anyways. I’m still trying to catch on to learning Chinese and having this way tight schedule but overall it’s fun. I have seen lots of friends so far. Michael Butler, Ryan Jensen, Tyler Brown, Bryce Rodabough, Genesis, Tyler Ross, and many other kids I recognize from school and church things. Michael told me that I just barely missed Mckay Sharp and Zac Troff. So my companions name is Elder Anderson and he’s from Los Angeles. He played basketball at SUU. He’s super nice and we get along great. There are 7 Elders in my district and 5 sisters. We already have lots of fun together, we joke around and laugh sometimes.

I know I kind of write random and all over the place so I’m sorry. I’d just like to say that I’m greatful for all the support I have had and I send out my thanks to everyone who helped me pay for my mission or a few ties.

The spirit is very strong in every meeting and class. I always have this feeling of peace and happiness. I haven’t fallen asleep yet so that’s a good start. In my room we try to use Chinese a lot. Half the time we just make up funny things to say but it helps with my Chinese.

I haven’t met any elders that I haven’t liked. Most elders are super nice and they help me with everything. My companion and I do get lost quite often but there are maps that help us every once in a while. The first night I thought I had left a lot of things at home but I found them in the morning. All I’m missing is my flip flops and my rubiks cube.

The elders that Max and his group will be replacing are all way cool, chances are Max will be able to room near me. Michael’s room is two doors down from mine and I see him all the time. Max will be able to see Michael for a few days and he’s bound to see Ryan around. my companion is stoked to meet Max, he wants to see if we look similar or not.

I’ll write you on Monday! I love all of you! See ya in two.

Elder Jacob Wimmer


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